Pension Transfer Services

How Do We Help Our Clients?

  1. Individual UK pension transfer(s) to QROPS for British expats who live abroad and for foreigners who have worked in the UK and who have built up a significant pension in the UK, but now wish to transfer their UK pension(s) abroad.
  2. Qualifying Non-UK Pension Schemes (QNUPS). Whilst QROPS are for existing pension schemes, QNUPS are new offshore pensions which are set up. Their primary function is to provide an offshore pension which will grow in a tax-free environment in the currency of a client’s choosing. It has the added bonus of avoiding IHT. There are limits to what amounts can be put inside a QNUPS though. We can work out a suitable amount which could be moved into a QNUPS for you.Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) Specialists
  3. Corporate QROPS Transfers. For companies that are relocating their staff overseas and want to transfer the existing company pension offshore into a place which is more tax efficient and flexible than leaving it taxed in the UK.
  4. Private Swiss Bank Account Set Up – Now the EU and the UK have ratified the new “bail-in” law, you need to get your assets into a safe haven, e.g. the non-EU country of Switzerland. Not only do Swiss banks have a 350 year history of holding monies of the wealthiest clients in the world, but it is outside the EU, so your money is protected from “bail-ins” such as the 40% overnight confiscation of bank monies in Cyprus in 2013. This can now happen in the UK and in Europe. In fact, it is written into EU and UK law. We can help protect your monies and get your worldwide assets into a safe place.
  5. Managed US Dollar Accounts. A safe place to set up future pension schemes. We can protect you from stock market crashes by investing in a mix of cash, bonds and equities. We rebalance your account for you monthly to target outsized returns. This is an ultra-liquid account. There are no lock-ins, so you can get cash back into your regular current or savings account within days.